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5 Emerging Trends in Electric Fencing that will make you go Wow

Evolving Electric Fencing Industry has Five Prominent Trends

STREETSBORO, OHIO (June 19, 2012) – Corralling your livestock can be a cumbersome especially if your herds have a habit of wandering off to your neighbor’s property as soon as your back is turned. No fence is too high for wild animals to get at your precious livestock either. Needless to say electrical fencing can come in pretty handy in order to ensure that your investment stays put and that predators are kept out. This is exactly what compels most farmers to install electrical fencing around their properties and pastures. In fact, new and emerging technologies have also seen the advent of electric fence energizers that are not only remote control compatible but are tough enough to weather any extreme climatic conditions as well. Some of the most trending energizers and like devices on the market are as follows -

1. Smart Energizers with Remote Control Compatibility

Powering your fence charger up or down anywhere on the fence line can be convenient especially as you hustle a large herd into their pens. Luckily energizers have come a long way since their inception and newer models are now remote controlled compatible.

FP7500XR - Wet weather and weeds can hamper the use of any electronic device. Manufacturers took this fact into consideration when they designed the FP7500XR electric fence energizer from FARMPRO with Ultra low impedance technology. Besides being remote control compatible, the energizer comes with enhanced features like inbuilt LED lights that indicate the conditions of the fence and ground systems. The 110V plug in device has a 7.5 Joule output and can power up to 125 miles of fencing.

FP24000XR - The FARMPRO FP24000XR is as impressive as its name. It boasts of Ultra low impedance technology which ensures that fences are supplied with a constant flow of electrical energy. The device is remote control compatible and can power up a fenced space that is about 2,400 acres with 400 miles of wire making it one of the country’s most powerful energizers. It features a fence voltage indicator that displays the voltage being distributed to fence.

FFR-2 Fault Finder and Remote - Farmers know how annoying electrical shorts can be. Cattle or horses that haven’t been trained to stay within fixed vicinities may start to wander off once unhindered. A digital fault finder can ensure a glitch free electric fence. The FARMPRO FFR-2 Fault Finder / Remote in particular comes with a nine channel setting for paring multiple energizers, a cordless design as well as durable and water proof casing to weather the toughest conditions.

2. Advances in Electric Fence Troubleshooting

It is integral for you to check your grounding system in order for your chosen energizer to work at optimum efficiency. An electrical circuit will be complete as soon as an animal, like a cow, comes into contact with the ground and the wire. Provided that you have effectively grounded your system, an animal can receive one pulse of electrical energy per second. This is also why damp ground makes for the best conditions for electric fences. This can be difficult to achieve during a drought so make sure that you install your energizer in an area on your property that is moist throughout the seasons. An Earth Wire Return System can also come in handy if your land does not consist of any moist conditions to speak of. In such cases you can try the following troubleshooting tips –

Grounding in Dry Soil - Farmers can use bentonite in their grounding system for dry soil. It works by absorbing water from the ground. The mixture is made from bentonite powder and water which can be easily poured into 3 inch holes. Then the ground poles can be inserted.

Grounding Rods - Farmers can also choose to insert more grounding rods in their grounding system for dry conditions. A typical grounding system consists of three 4 to 6 foot galvanized grounding rods that are inserted ten feet apart. If you lack a moist surface for your system, you can add another grounding rod to the original set up. This will be effective in completing the electrical circuit between the animal, energizer and the ground.

How to Install your Grounding System - Start off by driving three galvanized ground rods ten feet apart on your chosen area. The rods should be about 4 to 6 feet by ½ inch and can be placed in either a triangular pattern or in a straight line. They can also be placed at an angle but make sure that you leave off six inches above ground for the ground clamps.

When connecting the rods, make sure that that they are connected in a series with a single piece of 10 to 14 galvanized wire. Also, the ground hook up wire should be either larger or equal in length than the diameter of the fence line wire.

Using Readings for Finding Faults in Electrical Fencing

There are basically two types of fence configurations that farmers can work through –

Type One – In this type of configuration, the fence itself does not loop around to the energizer. In such a scenario you do not need to know in which direction the current is flowing.

Type Two – The fence loops back to the energizer in this particular configuration. In order to find the location of the fault you will have to determine the direction of the current.

If a fence contains no loops or faults you will experience a decrease in electrical surge as you move away from where the energizer is located. Fencing with multiple faults will experience excess amounts of current at some points. The current will exhibit a drop in electrical surge as your fault finder detects a fault. As soon as you find the fault in question, backtrack and find the point in which there is a noticeable change in electrical surge at both ends.

3. Solar Energizers for Summer

Yes, your electric fence can also be energized with the help of Mother Nature. Solar powered fence charges work great on remote fenced areas. All a farmer has to do is ensure that he places his solar energizer and fencing in an area that receives a constant supply of the sun’s nourishing rays for at least 5 to 6 hours. This will be enough to keep any wayward herd fenced in until it is time to round them up again. Since the devices also store solar energy they can also be counted on to power a fenced in area even on cloudy days. Solar powered energizers might be a bit pricier than their electrically charged counterparts however they do offer an energy efficient solution to the farmer who cannot afford to keep up with electric bills. But perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of installing solar powered energizers is as follows -

Prevent Spot Grazing - Many farmers know how devastating the effects of spot grazing can be. The phenomenon is caused by over grazing and has the tendency to leave an over grazed pasture sparse of any vegetation for a long time. Electrical fences make it easier for farmers to control their livestock’s grazing habits. Not only does it ensure that the animals do not stray and graze on your neighbor’s lands, they give the grass time to grow. Since these energizers are powered by the sun’s rays it also makes it convenient for farmers to initiate managed spot grazing without having to worry about their electrical fences shutting down on them.

4. Ultra Low Impedance Technology

Low impedance electric fence energizers come with low impedance to ensure an unhindered electrical charge. However there is also one that comes with Ultra low impedance. Such an energizer is only manufactured by Power Wizard Shock Technology.

What’s the Difference? Energizers with low impedance technology prevent any weeds or snow that may be touching the fence wire and hindering the flow of electrical surges. Ultra low impedance energizers on the other hand are designed to be more durable and efficient than their low impedance counterparts. In other words, they will ensure that fences are supplied with the appropriate amount of electrical pulses even under the worse weather and ground conditions.

5. Electric Fencing with Wire Braid

Most farmers use polytapes or thick polyropes in order to make their fencing visible. However, if you prefer braiding that is strong enough to withstand windy conditions then polywire or polybraid would be your best bet.

Different manufacturers offer different grades of electrical braiding for their energizers. For example, HorseSafe offers a braid that is made with six strands of .25 gauge tinned copper wire. The product also comes with a five year warranty which means that the material is strong enough to ensure a sufficient amount of voltage along a fenced area for a long time. Other enhancements in these braids include rugged polypropylene cores, polyester fiber jackets and a new checkered design that makes them highly visible.

With new and emerging enhancements in fencing technologies farmers can rest assured that their livestock will remain protected even if left unattended. The fact that the new advancements have made electrical fencing safe for both animals and farm workers alike is another reason why electrical fencing energizers are all the rage.


Power Wizard is the top brand of fence energizers available today based on long lasting low impedance technology. Power Wizard has over 20 types of fencing energizers with retail prices that range from $29 to $695. Power Wizard energizers are designed to meet the varied needs from the cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, horse owners, to the small hobby farmer with sheep, goats or pigs and even the specialty animal owner with alpacas or llamas. For more information about Power Wizard branded energizers, visit www.PowerWizardInc.com or call customer service at 1-800-866-2161.

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PW24000 with Ultra Low Impedance Technology

One of the most powerful energizers for the toughest conditions. 24 output joules, controls up to 2,400 acres, remote control compatible.

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What Our Customers are Talking About

"I like the PW24000 Charger. It's been up several days now and here's what I'm observing: I can see the lights clearly from the house and don't have to wonder if I remembered to turn it back on after moving the portable fence (daily). I've not done any clearing of foilage on or near the fence and I'm running about 10K volts 100' out of the box and still around 8K everywhere else.

If this new unit stands up to the test of time, I'm going to be really, really happy with it. I certainly am at this point. A tip-o-the-hat to your firm and all of its personnel for putting out a high value, high performance, American made fence charger."

- Darrel Franson, Mt. Vernon, MO

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