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On All Power Wizard Energizers

Ensure Your Power Wizard Fence Energizer Works to Its Fullest Capacity

Create a Ground System to Connect with Your Electric Fence

A poorly installed and maintained ground system is the number one challenge farmers have with their electric fence. The most powerful Power Wizard fence energizer can only provide outstanding results in containing cows and cattle when the ground system is properly installed.

Power Wizard Electric Fence Ground System Overview:

The "ground system" is a series of highly conductive rods driven into the soil and then connected by wire to the ground terminal of your fence energizer. The ground system rods collect electrons from the soil to complete the circuit needed for delivering an effective shock to your cows and cattle.

  1. Locate an area of soil for placing ground rods that contains good conductive earth, not sandy or rocky soil. Soil that is moist throughout the year is best. The ground system should be located within 75 feet of your Power Wizard fence energizer and at least 25 feet away from buildings with metal siding.
  2. Locate the ground system a minimum of 75 feet away from:
    • Utility company ground systems (electric, gas and water)
    • Underground water pipes
    • Metal water tanks
  3. Drive three 4 - 6 foot by ½ inch (or more) galvanized ground rods 10 feet apart in a straight line or a triangular pattern in the selected ground area. Leave six inches of ground rod above the soil for securing ground clamps. Mark the area as a hazard.
  4. Connect the ground rods, in a series, with one piece of continuous 10- to 14-gauge galvanized wire. The ground hook-up wire should be equal to or larger than the diameter of the fence line wire.
  5. If the soil is sandy or rocky, increase the number of ground rods and position them closer together to ensure adequate connection.
  6. Periodically check the voltage of your ground system using a Power Wizard digital volt meter.

For the complete details, review our white paper on Grounding Your Electric Fence

Ground System Installation

  1. 10-14 guage galvanized fence wire.
  2. Ground rods 4-6 feet long by 1/2 inch (or more) in diameter, galvanized steel rods.

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